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Responding to Religiously-Inspired Terror: Mayor Sadiq Khan on the London Attacks

Just to quick note to point to recent RSIS Commentaries on the London terror attack in March outside parliament. The first to appear was by myself, titled as the headline here, which looks at the way such events may be … Continue reading

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Twenty-First Century Theologies of Religions

My co-edited text, with Elizabeth Harris and Shanthikumar Hettiarachchi is now off the press and available in physical form to buy. Being with Brill it is an expensive tome, but can be found on Amazon and through all good booksellers: … Continue reading

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Interventions on the Burkini Wars

The global media has been discussing the burkini bans in France for some weeks now, and with it becoming such a politicised issues it is likely to be debated for sometime to come. Perhaps most iconic has been the image … Continue reading

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Not a Religious War: The ISIS/Daesh Attack on a French Catholic Priest

I provide a link here to my RSIS Commentary on the killing of the French priest in his own church. If I may expand a few points I can’t speak about there (there is a strict word limit). Firstly, attacks … Continue reading

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Jewish-Muslim Relations

Very exciting new book out on Sufism and Jewish-Muslims Relations in the Routledge Sufi Series by Yafiah Randall. Details can be found here: I am particularly pleased to be able to announce this as Yafiah was my first PhD … Continue reading

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The Islamisation of Europe: Myth or Reality?

A recent comment piece I wrote for the RSIS Commentary series which has been well received. Synopsis: Discussion of the Islamisation of Europe is increasing, but the claim lacks evidence or empirical credibility. What is fuelling this agenda, and how … Continue reading

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When is a Caliph Not a Caliph?

This is a link to a Commentary provided as part of the RSIS series. It was also posted in various other places:

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The Secular and Religious Other in Muslim-Christian Encounter: Theorizing the ‘Shifting Third’

This is the audio recording of a lecture I delivered for the Oxford Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies on 12th May 2015. It develops a theme I introduce in the book Contemporary Muslim-Christian Encounters which I label the Shifting Third. The … Continue reading

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Islamism, Radical Islam, Jihadism: The Problem of Language and Islamophobia

This blog was published on 15 January 2015 in the RSIS Commentary series (details below): RSIS Commentary is a platform to provide timely and, where appropriate, policy-relevant commentary and analysis of topical issues and contemporary developments. The views of the … Continue reading

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Muslim-Jewish-Christian Dialogue (or Abrahamic Trialogue) and the Geopolitical Mess

(Please note that this post is not yet properly referenced throughout, but as I currently lack reliable internet I’m posting it as is and will amend with full referencing in the next few weeks). From the news these days (and, … Continue reading

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