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Anglicanism and Interfaith Relations

The Anglican Communion widely, or the Church of England and its other constituent churches, have engaged in encounters and relations with other religions almost since its inception. In the Elizabethan period an alliance with, and envoys from, the Ottoman Empire … Continue reading

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Multiple Religious Belonging after Religion: Strategic Religious Participation and Other Issues

Last month I attended a short conference in Birmingham about Multiple Religious Belonging and ways that church institutions react to it, and can learn to be more welcome to people with such dual/ multiple/ hyphenated identities or belongings. Some interesting … Continue reading

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The Body(Sattva) on the Cross

A recent publication of mine explores Buddhist-Christian encounters and relations – or more specifically an interreligious, intercultural, or comparative theology – with particular attention to the way that Christology can be rethought through the example of various Chinese (suffering) bodhisattvas. The … Continue reading

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Twenty-First Century Theologies of Religions

My co-edited text, with Elizabeth Harris and Shanthikumar Hettiarachchi is now off the press and available in physical form to buy. Being with Brill it is an expensive tome, but can be found on Amazon and through all good booksellers: … Continue reading

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Soka Gakkai International (SGI) and Hizmet/ Gülen Movement: A Comparison

Various factors in my life have brought me into an intersection between SGI and the Dialogue Society/ Hizmet/ Gülen Movement, which came together at a meeting a few weeks back.(1) I’ll offer here a few unstructured thoughts on what they … Continue reading

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