The Body(Sattva) on the Cross

A recent publication of mine explores Buddhist-Christian encounters and relations – or more specifically an interreligious, intercultural, or comparative theology – with particular attention to the way that Christology can be rethought through the example of various Chinese (suffering) bodhisattvas.

The paper tries to advance beyond the usual Jesus as bodhisattva explorations in various ways. For one, it deals with actual figures, myths, and stories that resonate with Lived Religion rather than elite textual and philosophical conceptions. For another, it tries to mediate the notion of Jesus on the cross in interreligious relations, taking it as a difficult example especially within Buddhist-Christian encounters.

It also plays around with ideas of suffering saviours and whether bodhisattvas in the Mahayana tradition, who are often seen to have transcended suffering, actually can be spoken of as suffering in some form. Notions of pain and embodiment also enter into the debate.

I hope people will enjoy and appreciate. The final version is in the journal Buddhist-Christian Studies so a link to an uncorrected (but basically finished) draft on my page is below.

P.s. If anyone knows a good interreligious artist I could see this benefitting from some suitable artwork – and also maybe for another project I have stemming from this and some other comparative theological work.

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