Interventions on the Burkini Wars

The global media has been discussing the burkini bans in France for some weeks now, and with it becoming such a politicised issues it is likely to be debated for sometime to come. Perhaps most iconic has been the image of the women being forced to take off her burkini by a number of armed policemen.

I wrote a short (c. 1k) RSIS Commentary on this to explore the issues in an accessible and media friendly way, which can be found here:

However, after finishing that I found I had more to say and so have written a longer piece fleshing out some arguments further, bringing in useful issues and reflecting some other sides of the debate, as well as providing links and references which the RSIS Commentary format doesn’t allow. If you’re up for reading about 4.5k words on this it can be found here:

Essentially the argument in both is the same, that women’s bodies are an ideological battlefield for other issues and that a broadly male and patriarchal agenda sets the standards for women’s bodies and “appropriate” clothing.

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