Comparative Theology and Hermeneutics

This is a publication I am particularly pleased with. Heavy going, but if you fancy reading 14k words on how Gadamerian philosophical hermeneutics can be applied to thinking across religious borders this could be the place to go.

It is Open Access and can be found here:

Not for the feint hearted, but if this is your academic field then join the hundreds who have already engaged with it (I know the average humanities paper is meant to be read by less than eight people, but metrics on the Religion journal site where it was published and on my site where it is also published show that since publication in January over 700 people have looked at it (higher figures if abstract only reads are included – but pleased to say that the difference between abstract only reads and full text reads is small). On publication the journal editors said they thought it would make a “big splash” in the field and I am quietly optimistic that these figures indicate they are right. (I mean how many people in the world do Comparative Theology and philosophical hermeneutics? My rough reckoning on these numbers is that a pretty sizeable proportion of that groups has read or know of the paper). Anyway, even without such viewing figures I would be pleased with the paper in its own right.

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