News and Events Oct 2014

It is sometime since my last blog, but with a new teaching semester in full swing time is precious. Anyway, on updates, last month my edited three volume reference book Controversies in Contemporary Religion came out with Praeger – links on the right. Quite excited about that and already using it for teaching, as I know others are too. Currently also getting drafts ready for the next edited volume, Contemporary Muslim-Christian Encounters – which again is on the links to the right – with an excellent line up of chapters. On other news, I will in January be moving to Singapore to take up a post as Assoc. Prof of Interreligious Studies in the Studies in Inter-Religious Relations in Plural Societies programme at S Rajaratnam International School, Nanyang Technological University (who, as of last week, are 39 or 61 globally depending upon which league table you look at). So big changes there. Others papers and things also out since my last update which will be notified in the relevant pages here and/ or my profile. I’ll try and get another blog in before too long, but November is a busy month with two conferences coming up, one in Vienna and the other in San Diego (AAR).

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