Recent News (June 2014)

As my first proper update will just say what’s been happening recently – well the last few months.

In April I visited Virginia Theological Seminary (just outside Washington DC), as a Deanery Visiting Scholar, to talk about John Hick, and while in the USA also delivered a paper at Union Theological Seminary, NY as a guest of Prof John Thatamanil. My first visit to the USA and great to see Washington, New York, and Philadelphia.

The same month I was promoted (at last) to the position of Reader in Interreligious Studies at my present institution, Winchester University, UK. I think that means I’m allowed to look at books or something now, either that or I have a quaint British academic title which stands between a Senior Lecturer and Professor – more or less equates to just being a full professor in many other places but is the step below that august title in the UK.

In May, along with a colleague, Dr Christina (Tina) Welch, visited Turkmenistan at the invitation of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to deliver a course on Freedom of Religion and Belief to mid- to high-ranking government officials. First ever such course delivered on this topic in that country and hopefully a step towards progress in realising such freedoms which are much contested in many places around the world.

ImageIs this a religious or a secular memorial?

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